• Homeowner's Insurance

    Because a home is one of the biggest investments of your life, it is important to protect you and the members of your home and its contents against damage or destruction. Third parties -- other people who come to your home -- are covered through the liability portion of the insurance policy for injuries caused by your negligence. In addition, you and the members of your household have some liability protection to others even while you are away from the premises.
    What's covered under a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy?
  • Renter's Insurance

    Just like homeowner's insurance, renters face risks of loss. The major risks covered by renter's insurance are damage or loss to items of personal property contained in the residence and liability to third parties who are injured while in the residence. With renter's insurance, it is importatn to note that coverage is only provided to the person named in the policy. Even if you share the premises with someone else--if it is your insurance, the property of your "roommate" is not covered.

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